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beach workoutThis Saturday, Fitist (or FITiST) wants to redefine your perfect beach day. Forget reclining in a lounge chair with Vanity Fair. This is more of a Matthew McConaughey beach day.

The new fitness and wellness booking website will host a free day of mini-workouts at Ocean Road Beach in Bridgehampton. The mini-classes serve up appetizer-sized portions of Fitist’s different fitness partners, and introduce its philosophy of “muscle confusion” to everyone out east.

“We, and our Fitist experts, strongly believe that you have to mix it up to see results and stay motivated,” said co-founder Caroline Limpert.

Attendees will be treated to six 15-minute condensed classes from some of Fitist’s popular partners, like As One, Flywheel’s Flybarre, and Uptown Pilates.

The workouts will be slightly adapted for the sand, but if you’ve ever been running on the beach, you know the additional level of resistance the surface adds.

In other words, you’re going to burn some serious calories. But you’ll be duly rewarded with free goodies from Vita Coco, EBOOST, and BluePrintCleanse.

The best part?

Unlike the sticky subway ride home you have to endure post-gym-workout in the city, you can follow up this sweat fest with a refreshing dip in the ocean.

Saturday, July 16th, 8:30 a.m., Ocean Road Beach, Bridgehampton. Free but space is limited. E-mail [email protected] to reserve your spot,