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Fitness Fashion Find: Bari Tote

Bari, Tribeca's new barre studio, is as committed to the arts as it is to your core. Evidence? The hand-sewn, hand-painted studio totes are a collaboration between two local artists.
Bari's hand-painted totes retail for just $75

Bari, Tribeca’s new barre studio, is as committed to the arts as it is to your core.

Evidence? Two artists collaborated on the studio’s totes, and to say they didn’t cut corners is a massive understatement.

Fashion designer Veronica Menendez designed the tote to be a blank canvas for artist Chris Choi, who hand-painted each tote (using paint markers) with Bari’s signature B and the same female face he painted on the studio’s walls.

Not only did Menendez design the totes, she actually cut each piece of fabric and sewed them together. And she didn’t use just any fabric; it’s made of recycled polyester and recycled cotton and comes from an organic textile company in New Mexico.

Given that each bag is hand-made and hand-painted you’d expect a Prada price tag. Instead it’s being sold at a Gap-friendly price of $75.

Where to find: Bari Studio, 23 Leonard Street, Tribeca, 212-966-2274,