Fitness Fashion Find: Coobie Scoopneck Bra

When you have a daily wrestling match to remove your sweat-laden sports bra, the Coobie is a seamless, lightly structured antidote.

Coobie Scoopneck BraWhen you have a daily wrestling match to remove your sweat-laden sports bra, and nearly dislocate your shoulder in the process, you consider other options.

It was in this frame of mind that I spied Coobie bras, and fell hard for the feather-weight collection.

While the one-size-fits-all bras wouldn’t be of any help to someone bigger than a B-cup at boot camp, I figured this lightly-structured scoop-neck style would be great for yoga or barre—or for lounging around in the heat when I don’t need a Fort Knox lock-em down bra. And I was right.

Coobie bra colors
Coobie bras aren’t for boot camp, but they’re great under a compression or yoga tank—and for lounging

It’s super comfortable, and feels a lot like Electric Yoga and Phat Buddha’s seamless fabrics. I fawned over the selection of colors—and the striped styles—and settled on a really sweet Deep Teal.

Per the sales girl’s tip, I crisscrossed the adjustable straps “for more support.” (The difference is negligible.) She said she removes the cups and sleeps in it.

While I don’t see myself doing that, given how much I’ve already been wearing the Coobie Scoopneck, I think I’ll go back for a striped one. —Melisse Gelula

Coobie Scoopneck Bra, from $20 at Paragon Sports, Equinox boutiques, and at

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