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Fitness Fashion Find: Paint-splatter prints

paint_splatterThis spring at the gym, you’re going to see a lot more artistic expression—or expressionism—starting with paint that’s been drizzled, splashed, and scribbled on workout pieces from terry sweatshirts and pleated sweatpants to wicking performance capris. Here are the luxe leaders of the look. Which one is your masterpiece? —Melisse Gelula

1. Cedric Charlier printed stretch-cotton sweatshirt, $490
2. NSF “Paint Marks” French terry sweatshirt, $125
3. Raquel Allegra handmade paint-splattered pleated sweatpants, $260
4. Splits59 Limited Edition Harmony Expression scoopneck pullover, $106
5. Splits59 Limited Edition Nova Expression Performance capris, $120