Fitness freebies at primo places

Kym Perfetto, Soul Cycle instructor,
Soul's rock star instructors, like our fave Kym Perfetto (pictured here), don't teach community rides, but maybe you'll get a Kym-in-training.

High-end fitness freebies make us happy. Here are two we just learned of that we’ll be taking advantage of soon.

Soul Cycle is offering free weekly “Community Rides” with brand new teachers just hitting the schedule. It’s the spin equivalent of a free haircut with a student stylist, but the worst outcome is a blah workout, not a bowl cut.

The free rides happen every Wednesday at 1:00 at the TriBeCa studio, Thursday at 1:00 on the Upper East Side, and Friday at 1:00 on the Upper West Side. To book a bike, call the front desk of the studio and tell them you’d like to attend. First-come, first-spin. They welcome frank feedback on the instructors before they hit primetime.

Tech darling Foursquare has never really excited us because check-in perks are usually “a free side of fries for the mayor” or “a scoop of ice cream after your fourth Whole Foods check in.” Appealing to a healthy person how?

Lululemon, Gift of Yoga Foursquare program, www.wellandgoodnyc.comFinally, a reason to open the app. Step one, check in at any NYC Lululemon store. Step two, show a sales person the check-in screen of your smart phone. Step three, salesperson gives you a free pass to a local yoga studio. Lululemon calls the program “The Gift of Yoga” and you only have to check in once to get the pass. Limit of one pass per day.

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