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fitness games
Biggest Loser celebs at last year’s Games.

On Saturday, September 15, Fitness Magazine will host the Annual Mind, Body, Spirit Games in Central Park—an annual day of races, workout classes, and wellness expos.

And while this is the 11th year for the Games, this year, the magazine has tapped top New York fitness talent and trending workout classes to be represented in full force.

On the main stage, Yoga Vida’s Hilaria Thomas Baldwin will teach two 30-minute yoga classes at 8:00 and 8:30 a.m. (spaces are first come, first serve). And classes from SurfSet, Holly Rilinger’s Training Camp, and Pure Barre (which just opened a second studio in Union Square) will take place in tents throughout the day.

As usual, you can lace up your sneakers for the men’s or women’s 4-mile run, which by the way, is the only thing you have to pay for in order to participate.

Sounds like a nice way to get a few more outdoor workouts in before the air turns chilly.

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