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KiwiSweat fitness pop-ups to open in cool New York City spaces

fitness class in Chelsea MarketWhat if you could work out with a handful of New York’s best fitness instructors in the city’s most inspiring places, like art galleries, under the Manhattan Bridge, and industrial lofts oozing with cool factor?

Two fitness fanatics and entrepreneurs, Alicia Thomas and Pam Graf, are making that possible with KiwiSweat, a new fitness pop-up company, which begins taking reservations today. Classes start October 16.

Their first fitness pop-up? Spinning in a Chelsea Market space they’ve decked out with water, towels, cool lockers, and top-secret details that will make it an “out-of-the-sweaty-box experience.”

This first event will last two weeks. It will have about 60 spin classes, which cost $27 a pop. And to teach them, KiwiSweat has recruited top instructors, like Lacey Stone. And they’ll be auditioning more from studios and gyms across the city the November event in Dumbo and beyond.

Lacey Stone
Lacey Stone

“We’re showcasing the best instructors in the best locations,” says KiwiSweat co-founder Thomas, a Columbia Business School grad, tech guru, and spin aficionado. “After all, it doesn’t matter if you’re working out on top of Rockefeller Center. If the instructor isn’t great, the experience isn’t either.”

Thomas and Graf hope that fitness studios will see KiwiSweat as way to highlight and market their talent to fitness-lovers—and that fitness-lovers will see KiwiSweat events as a way to mix up their workouts, especially since they’re set in non-traditional spaces.

By working out in all kinds of cool, inspiring places—spaces that New Yorkers love or don’t even know are there—“we can really focus on fitness as an experience. We’re making these mind-blowing, super special, a big party,” says Thomas.

“We want people to leave an event, dripping sweat, and saying, ‘I don’t what just happened, but it was amazing.’” —Melisse Gelula

To book a spin bike at KiwiSweat in Chelsea Market starting on October 16, 2011, and to hear about future events (November’s pop-up will be in Dumbo), register at

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