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Have a costume for Halloween planned? Neither do we. But you better believe we’ll step out in something athletic or fitness related come Halloween party season. Why?

First of all, we already have the gear. McKayla Maroney’s track suit? Check. Hilaria Thomas Baldwin’s yoga pants? No problem.

What’s more, we put some hard work into staying fit and we’d like to show that off in a way that bucks the “sexy” trend — which is to say, a way that isn’t too explicit or too weather inappropriate.

And finally, we like the idea of poking a little fun. We can get pretty serious around here. After all, taking care of one’s health is a serious endeavor. If the whole point of Halloween is to let off a little steam, we don’t mind teasing those we hold near and dear. So who are we going to be? It’s a toss up, but here are some options we’re toying with.

Keep reading for costumes like Ryan Lochte, Olivia Newton-John and Richard Simmons…

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