Fitness trends from the top exercise gurus

The meeting-of-the-fitness-minds (or bodies) is today in Times Square. We got a peek at their newest workouts and gear for 2011 and beyond.

ECAToday, your favorite yoga teachers, exercise gurus, and all of the personal trainers you’ve ever seen quoted in a magazine are at the same event—The ECA One Body One World 2011 fitness convention, in Times Square. This year’s theme? “Ex and the City.”

We scanned the offerings at this meeting-of-the-fitness-minds (or bodies) for the newest workouts and trends to watch for in 2011 and beyond.

Here’s what we found:

1. Put on your dancing shoes Possibly inspired by the Black Swan/So You Think You Can Dance?/Dance Your Ass Off cultural phenomenon sweeping the U.S, the workout world is moving way past Zumba. Among the notable: Hip Hop Theatre, Club Moves, Risque Groove 2011 (“uncensored sensual choreography” included), and Let the Praise Begin! (a Gospel dance workout).

2. Portable Pilates For Pilates junkies who love their reformers and props, new ways are emerging to get a Cadillac-like session at home. The Pilatesstick attaches to your door, while Stott Pilates Stability Cushions improve on the mat version of the method when you’re without an instructor.

3. Indo-Row Group rowing workouts haven’t made the mainstream yet, but they have the potential to since toned arms are this year’s toned body-party du jour. This rowing-based workout claims to be big in Los Angeles, and we predict New Yorkers will take to it swimmingly as well. And according to some experts, rowing is one of the best exercises for women.

4. Brunch with your trainer Starting next week, don’t be surprised if your trainer friends you on Facebook. Conference classes like Trainers Be Heard, Teaching as Interactive Dialogue, and Leveraging Social Media to Build Your Personal Brand are encouraging fitness professionals to think outside the box when it comes to trainer-client relationships.

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