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Five to Follow on Instagram


Who-to-follow-on-Instagram-Five-to-FollowSo you can be sure to double-tap with us, here’s a recap of five hot-and-healthy Instagram accounts we love.

Because who doesn’t love scrolling through photos of pretty and natural table settings, mason jar smoothies, and inspirational quotes while waiting for your spin class to start or your juicer to finish pressing your green blend. Us!

(PS: If you’re looking for us on Instagram, we’re at —Molly Gallagher


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Balanced-Blonde-InstagramJordan Younger (@TheBalancedBlonde)

The popular food blogger is known for posting her real-life grocery hauls, smoothies in the making, and workout shots—and we can’t get enough of them.


b_fityoga_InstagramBlake (@b_FitYoga)

Her cool yoga poses are almost always snapped in front of gorgeous ocean backdrops (and sometimes a pool). They might finally give you that extra motivation to perfect your handstand.


eyeswoon-InstagramAthena Calderone (@EyeSwoon)

This interior designer with a penchant for seasonal foods and beautiful landscapes puts it all out on the table on her Instagram account. It’s so pretty you’ll, well, swoon over it.


gabbybernstein-InstagramGabrielle Bernstein (@GabbyBernstein)

If you’re not already following the cool, spiritual guru Gabrielle Bernstein on Instagram, what’s taken you so long?


Thefirstmess-InstagramLaura Wright (@TheFirstMess)

A beautiful chronicle of healthy recipes, whole foods, and colorful vegetables that might just inspire you to whip up a few meals—or at least go shopping for the ingredients.


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