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Five to Follow on Instagram


five-to-follow-on-Instagram-healthy-Instagram-accountsEach week in our Anywhere Edition email we spotlight a few awesome Instagram accounts that we love to follow—inspiring yogis, wellness gurus, healthy foodies (okay, a lot of healthy foodies), and more.

So you can be sure to double-tap with us, here’s a recap of five hot-and-healthy Instagram accounts we love.

Because who doesn’t love scrolling through photos of nourishing green smoothies, seaside yoga poses, and inspirational quotes while waiting for your spin class to start or your juicer to finish pressing your green blend. Us!

(PS: If you’re looking for us on Instagram, we’re at —Molly Gallagher


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Kathryn-Budig-Instagram-who-to-follow-on-InstagramKathryn Budig (@kathrynbudig)

There’s never a dull moment on Kathryn Budig’s Instagram feed. The always-glowing celeb yogi posts photos of her adorable pup and healthy, homemade eats as often as her handstands. Her recent, gorgeous wedding was also fun to peek at.


wholeheartedeats-Instagram-who-to-follow-on-InstagramSophie Mackenzie (@wholeheartedeats)

Gorgeous and healthy green juices, chia puddings, avocado toasts, and pumpkin soups—just don’t look at her account with an empty stomach (or fridge).



galadarling-Instagram-who-to-follow-on-InstagramGala Darling (@galadarling)

Gala Darling, a blogger and the former beauty and style editor for xoJane, is bound to leave you feeling happy after scrolling through her colorful shots and inspirational quotes.


robinnyc-Instagram-who-to-follow-on-InstagramRobin Arzon (@robinnyc)

If you were thinking about skipping your morning run—you won’t after seeing Arzon’s badass snaps of racing through the city.


thefatradish-Instagram-who-to-follow-on-InstagramThe Fat Radish (@thefatradish)

Be prepared to make dinner plans… This popular New York City restaurant constantly makes us want to book a rez with their awesome photos of “healthier” cocktails, beetroot hummus, and seasonal black radish with parsley root purée.


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Five to Follow on Instagram
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