Fix your form: How to do the perfect overhead triceps extension

If you're arching your back or letting your elbows drift away from your head, you're doing it wrong. Here's how to fix it.

By Sarah Klein for

If you don’t know your way around a weight room, heading to the gym can be intimidating—and even dangerous. But paying attention to a few simple rules of proper technique can make you slimmer, stronger and healthier all over.

We asked John Romaniello, trainer, author and founder of Roman Fitness Systems and Equinox trainer and manager Rebecca Woll to show us what’s what when it comes to strength training.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing their thoughts on the biggest mistakes we all make while building muscle, plus tips and tricks for better form. This week, we’re perfecting the overhead triceps extension.

The Faux Pas:
“When a client attempts the overhead press, they generally wind up with a tremendous arch in the lower back,” says Romaniello. It’s also easy to let the elbow drift away from the head, which takes the focus away from the triceps.

Keep reading to find out how to fix your form…

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