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Your best attempts at proper hydration always end with a mountain of plastic bottles—and yet you’re still parched after spin class. What gives?

It might be time to rethink your water habit. Flow Water, the naturally alkaline Canadian spring water, is designed for mindful hydration you can feel good about—and the buzzy new brand is offering a sweet deal so you can try it yourself.

Full of natural minerals that provide electrolytes and a pH level of 8.1, the alkaline thirst quencher can help keep your body in balance and potentially help boost your recovery time.

But more importantly, the recyclable, paperboard-based TetraPak will lower your eco footprint and help you get your refreshment fix while caring for the environment, too.

Want to give it a go? Score a free Flow Water with the downloadable voucher below—redeemable at any Whole Foods Market—and hydrate responsibly!


In partnership with Flow Water

Photo: Flow Water