Flywheel spins for women’s sports

Dozens of female sports celebrities turned out on Tuesday morning to spin in a Flywheel charity ride. Michelle Kwan (a spinning spark plug, as it turns out), Georgina Bloomberg, Nancy Liebermen and Jessica Mendoza, among many other athletic greats, clipped into bikes for four back-to-back classes with Flywheel’s top teachers. For many, it was an introduction to spinning, including Kwan who “killed it” according to Flywheel’s instructors.

The cause was one near and dear to Flywheel founder Ruth Zukerman’s heart, the GoGirlGo! program which promotes sports and physical activity to girls in underserved communities. “Partnering with the Women’s Sports Foundation was a real honor for Flywheel, especially to benefit the GoGirlGo! Program,” says Zukerman. “As the mother of two daughters, I cannot emphasize to them enough the importance of sports and fitness to feeling confident and living a happy and healthy life.” Flywheel raised a total of $31,000.

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