Flywheel Sports expands beyond NYC

Flywheel Sports announced that come January it will have a Boca Raton flagship. Cue Soul Cycle's announcement of a South Beach location.
Flywheel Sports
Flywheel aficianados now have year-round beachy locations to choose from--Sag Harbor and Boca Raton

Flywheel Sports just sped past Soul Cycle in an important metric: out-of-state expansion. Ruth Zukerman’s indoor cycling studio announced yesterday that it’s opening a South Florida location by January 2011. (So far, Soul Cycle only has locations in New York State.)

Surprisingly to us, South Beach is not Flywheel’s new home, where you’d expect the stadium-seating spinning classes to fill instantly with the bronzed, lycra-clad models who live there. Instead Flywheel’s Florida toehold will be in Boca Raton, a locale often associated with retirees who resemble the Gabor sisters.

And instead of building a studio from scratch, they are partnering with Angela Lutin, a Boca-based fitness instructor who recently opened a spinning studio called Breathe. Breathe will get a Flywheel makeover that includes stadium seating, all the high-tech tracking the studio’s known for, and a new name.

Breathe's current studio will get a high tech Flywheel makeover

When asked about the surprising location of its first out-of-state venture, Flywheel co-founder Jay Galluzzo offered this, “I think there is a real misperception about Boca. Believe it or not, Boca has a big community of year-round families and discerning, active fitness junkies  with dollars to commit to a top-notch fitness experience, which is obviously a great market for us. Most importantly, partnering with Angela Lutin (a real pro) gives us a foundation for growth throughout South Florida.” So hopefully that SoBe location isn’t far off.

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