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Matteo Silverman
Chef Matteo may be on the small screen someday...but for now, he's standing his ground.

Vegan food is becoming more mainstream every day, and it may soon have a spot on the Food Network’s Chopped.

This past Friday night, casting director Beth Schiff stopped by 4-Course Vegan, Brooklyn’s famed meat-and-dairy-free supper club that will close its doors this January when Chef Matteo Silverman moves to Cali to open his own restaurant. (Last call, people!)

Schiff and a colleague sized up Silverman, the charismatic rising star who is also responsible for Cooler Cleanse’s Raw Cooler meals, and asked if he’d ever be interested in appearing on Chopped.

Silverman didn’t hesitate: If there are no animal products involved, maybe. When the women suggested having a few items like eggs in the pantry for the other contestants, just in case, he stood his ground.

His message: When it’s totally vegan, call me.

Actually, they just might. Schiff said that the show is considering running a vegan competition at some point in the future.

In the meantime, Silverman is passing on his supper club legacy to a new player on the Brooklyn scene, Vegan Secret Supper.—Lisa Elaine Held