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For Operation Sweat, Reebok Sports Club hosts over-the-top workouts

On December 9, the high-end gym is one-upping its regular roster of killer classes to benefit Sandy relief efforts.

Reebok Sports Club NY fitness class fundraiserOn the afternoon of Sunday, December 9, Reebok Sports Club NY is one-upping its regular roster of killer classes. To benefit Sandy relief efforts, the high-end Columbus Circle gym has added a handful that are over-the-top tough.

Example: Rev to Rebuild is a two-hour cardio and strength-training class (12:30–2:30) and four-trainer serving of whoop-ass, starring Marc Seldon, Jade Alexis, Jillian Wright, and Pablo Toribio.

There’s also a 75-minute “supercharged” Stoked at the Barre marathon with Kira Stokes (can your glutes take it?), vinyasa yoga with Hilaria Thomas Baldwin (we predict a grueling abs sequence), and Kristin McGee’s Pilates for Power! Exclamation point is hers.

The event was spearheaded by trainer Larysa Didio (who’s also teaching Ultimate Mind and Body Bootcamp at 2:00) to raise money for Hands Volunteers to help Sandy victims.

For this fitness fundraiser, may we suggest you bring two bottles of water into class? —Melisse Gelula

Each class costs $50 and all proceeds go to For the full schedule and to purchase a ticket, visit