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Reebok Sports Club NY fitness class fundraiserOn the afternoon of Sunday, December 9, Reebok Sports Club NY is one-upping its regular roster of killer classes. To benefit Sandy relief efforts, the high-end Columbus Circle gym has added a handful that are over-the-top tough.

Example: Rev to Rebuild is a two-hour cardio and strength-training class (12:30–2:30) and four-trainer serving of whoop-ass, starring Marc Seldon, Jade Alexis, Jillian Wright, and Pablo Toribio.

There’s also a 75-minute “supercharged” Stoked at the Barre marathon with Kira Stokes (can your glutes take it?), vinyasa yoga with Hilaria Thomas Baldwin (we predict a grueling abs sequence), and Kristin McGee’s Pilates for Power! Exclamation point is hers.

The event was spearheaded by trainer Larysa Didio (who’s also teaching Ultimate Mind and Body Bootcamp at 2:00) to raise money for Hands Volunteers to help Sandy victims.

For this fitness fundraiser, may we suggest you bring two bottles of water into class? —Melisse Gelula

Each class costs $50 and all proceeds go to For the full schedule and to purchase a ticket, visit