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Forrest Yoga hosts an “Embody the Elements” symposium in New York

A healing team of Ana Forrest's top teachers is hosting a go-deep weekend of workshops, called "Earth, Wind, Fire and Water: Embody the Elements!" in New York.
Erica Mather
Erica Mather is one of the teachers you’ll practice with at Embody the Elements.

New York yogis rarely get to practice with the legendary Ana Forrest, but this month, they’ll be able to experience her method in a deep way at a Forrest Yoga symposium at Maha Padma Yoga Temple, a pretty yoga studio in Union Square.

The weekend of workshops, called “Earth, Wind, Fire and Water: Embody the Elements!” will be taught by a team of Forrest’s top teachers from around the city (and Long Island)—Erica Mather, Leslie Pearlman, Kirsten Collins, and Denise Hopkins—and each session will focus on one element. Fire will be all about backbends, for example, and Water will be all about the flow.

You can sign up for individual workshops or attend the whole shebang, which includes opening and closing ceremonies. It may be a good idea if you’re tackling something that ails you—since healing is at the core of Forrest’s method. —Lisa Elaine Held

$50 per class, $185 for the weekend, October 26–27, Maha Padma Yoga Temple, 20 E. 17th St., Union Square,