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loliNeed proof that we’re in the golden age of wellness?

Look no further than the brilliant start-ups and entrepreneurs who entered FounderMade’s The Future of Wellness Challenge. The Shark Tank-style contest offers one lucky health or fitness innovator a serious vitality shot (not the juice kind) with a cash prize and investment opportunity, free office space, pro guidance, and more.

With so many amazing entries this year, the FounderMade gurus had a tough task of narrowing down the field to just ten, all featured below. “This is our third time doing this, so the businesses get better and better; the vision, the passion, and the social impact are stronger and more insightful,” says FounderMade co-founder May Lan Dong.

For the final round, three of the ten companies will compete on stage on January 30 at Spring Studios, pitching their companies to successful entrepreneurs-CEOs (including ClassPass’ founder Payal Kadakia and Today Show nutrition expert Joy Bauer). “The pitch competition is where the FounderMade mission comes to life,” notes Dong.

That’s where you come in: Two of the finalists will be selected by the FounderMade team and advisors—and one will be chosen as a Well+Good fan favorite!

Watch the videos below and vote for your favorite to send them to the finals. Voting closes on Monday, January 25 at 9 p.m. EST.

To attend the live competition on Saturday, January 30th, buy FounderMade Wellness tickets here.


Goodwell + Co.

The Goodwell company has created sustainable alternatives to the plastic toothbrushes and floss.

2569 Votes


ConBody is a fitness studio that is based on prison-style bootcamps.

7419 Votes


Kombrewcha is kombucha beer crafted from tea.

4303 Votes


PROPS are fitness accessories that were designed to encourage and empower people to get out and sweat in any environment from the gym, to the field, to the streets.

6715 Votes


AirFit is a company that is placing gym and shower facilities in airports behind security.

9483 Votes


FaceLove Fitness workouts help you achieve optimal performance from the skin and facial muscles through high touch & high tech therapy.

490 Votes


ProDay is a fitness app that features a variety of engaging training routines led by fitness celebrities and world-renowned athletes.

4728 Votes


Scientifically formulated scents made with pure and natural ingredients to help you work better, play harder, and rest easier.

629 Votes


CheerFIT provides a convenient and affordable workout solution with emphasis on fitness principles, pertaining exclusively to cheerleaders.

1930 Votes

LOLI Beauty

Monthly DIY beauty box that lets you create natural treatment for your skin, hair, bath & body.

985 Votes