A Shark Tank-style competition wants to hear your wellness startup idea

FoundermadeIf you’ve got a genius idea for a healthy product or wellness-minded company, now just might be the perfect time to share it with the world.

FounderMade, a company that focuses on guiding and supporting fledgling entrepreneurs, just announced it’s hosting a big wellness startup event in New York City next month. And for the first time, the event will include a Shark Tank-style competition for people who think they’ve got the next big idea for a fitness wearable or a healthy snack or anything in the wellness space.

“We really try to find the most impactful way to tell entrepreneurs’ stories,” says FounderMade co-founder May Lan Dong. Many people who are just getting started have an amazing idea, she says, “but they need the tools and resources to really figure out, ‘How do I build this business?'”

That’s where Dong comes in. She started FounderMade late last year in New York City with partner Meghan Asha. The company began by hosting dinners bringing together budding entrepreneurs with successful founders in their industry, like an intimate business salon. “It’s a combination of sharing best practices and giving founders the advice and support they need,” Asha says. “We look for mentors who work with the utmost integrity, have killed it in their field, and will tell the real story of how they got where they are.”

The Shark Tank-like wellness event will bring that concept to the masses, and give a potential platform to the next Barry’s Bootcamp or Jawbone with The Future of Wellness Challenge.

How does it work? Aspiring wellness entrepreneurs can submit their business ideas via a short application and video by April 3. FounderMade will then choose 10 finalists, and the videos will be posted on Well+Good for reader voting. The three winners will then present their ideas at the event on April 14, to a panel of judges that includes KIND founder Daniel Lubetzky, Hint Water founder Kara Goldin, Organic Avenue founder Denise Mari, and Well+Good’s co-founder and publisher Alexia Brue.

So what will it take to make it in front of that heavy-hitting panel? “You have to give your ultimate sales pitch and know what your business is,” Asha says. “You have to be prepared to answer those really tough questions.”

Or you can just attend the event to get inspired by the many ideas that may someday become products that make your life healthier and happier. It’s up to you. —Lisa Elaine Held

For more information on the event and to buy tickets, click here. To enter the Future of Wellness Challenge competition, click here.


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