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(Photo: Transportation Alternatives)
(Photo: Transportation Alternatives)

Friday, May 16 marks Bike to Work Day, an annual celebration that encourages New Yorkers to try pedaling to their places of business and brings together the city’s cyclist community. (And all the really cute bike helmets.)

And this year, it’s an even bigger deal, says Transportation Alternative’s Samantha Dodds. “We’re excited to celebrate that it’s the first Bike to Work Day with Citi Bike in place,” she says. Citi Bike now has more than 100,000 annual members and a recent report showed about 450,000 trips completed in March 2014. It’s also lured more women riders, who make up a smaller proportion of the overall bike commuting community.

During Bike to Work Day, there will be nine “fueling stations” set up throughout the city, where Brooklyn Roasting Co. coffee, Kind snacks, and other goodies will be distributed. Many are on the bridges, where bike traffic is highest, but new locations include Madison Square Park and Dumbo.

And the day ends with a huge party in Brooklyn Bridge Park in Dumbo, with a showcase of bike-life merchandise, food vendors, a Brooklyn Brewery beer garden, a you-and-your-bike photo booth, and a “bike bell symphony” performance (to name a few offerings).

All of which, Dodds says, is about “just celebrating commuter biking in New York City and how bicycling can be seamlessly incorporated into your life.” Maybe it’s the year to give it a try? —Lisa Elaine Held

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