The 4 stages of breaking up with a friend, according to Khloe Kardashian

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Breakups are hard—there’s no denying that. But they don’t just happen with your romantic relationships: Friend breakups can sometimes be even tougher to navigate (they’re your girls!).

It’s something Khloe Kardashian can sympathize with. As she recently discussed on her app, the fitness-obsessed celeb (seriously—have you seen her athleisure closet?) recently had to part ways with a longtime friend—and had a really rough time.

“It’s SO much worse than breaking up with a guy!” says Kardashian.

The last thing you need with a friendship is for it to be all give and no take—which is what happened with Kardashian and her friend. “It was a completely one-sided relationship,” she explains.

“I ultimately decided to end our friendship because I only believe in mutual friendships and this one was far from that. The main issue was that she was someone that could never be alone and yet wouldn’t be there for me when I needed her,” she says.

What did she learn from it all? What the four stages of a friend breakup are, for starters. Keep reading for Kardashian’s hard-won wisdom.

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1. The withdrawals

Yes, you’re going to miss the friend you broke up with in the beginning, especially if she was your spin class buddy—or your go-to when you needed to vent—so it can be jarring to not have her there. “After the breakup, I went through withdrawals of missing her and being depressed, because I was used to calling her all the time,” says Kardashian.


2. Coming to terms

At a certain point, you begin to realize what you did was for the best—you broke up with her for a reason, after all. After Kardashian missed her ex-friend for a while, she finally thought to herself: “I was like, ‘What am I really missing?'” says Kardashian. “The breakup was for the best, because sometimes, you’ve gotta get rid of the people who don’t support you like you support them!” Word.


3. Moving on with the help of others

Who better to help you with a friendship breakup than your family (AKA your built-in BFFs)? Kardashian advises that you “consume your thoughts with productive things” and “surround yourself with friends and family that you love.” If you do, then moving past a breakup is much more manageable.


4. Establishing a new dynamic

Of course, no one wants enemies—especially not people who have been there for you for so long. After you’ve moved on and accepted your life without your former bestie, it’s okay to still be friendly—from a distance. Kardashian notes that she and her ex-friend are on “cordial” terms now, and she’s happy for her new friendships (which seem to have better dynamics). But what if you’re having trouble finding a new crew to pal around with? Don’t worry, there’s an app for that.

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