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From Wall Street to wellness Wall Street to Wellness entrepreneurLauren Imparato of I.AM.You Studio and Michael Patton at Yoga Vida have a something in common besides opening New York City yoga studios during the Recession. They both were Wall Streeters.

Imparato, as Social Workout reminds us today, was an investment banker at Morgan Stanley not that long ago. Patton, whose University Place studio is approaching its five month anniversary, traded futures at Bear Sterns, and cope with the collapse by turning to classes at Yoga for the People and Jivamukti.

Instead of getting another job that required him to “get drunk with clients until 3:00 in the morning,” Patton says, he decided to create something, well, healthier. “I put all of my savings into the studio,” says Patton, of his 4,000-square-foot palace on Union Square. And it’s anything but a get-rich-quick scheme to him. Classes are $10; $5 if you’re a student. (Though he is developing a shavasana lotion scented with plant extracts that will remind yogis of their new-found calm at the end of class.)

We suspect there are other corporate New Yorkers rejiggering their karmic balance sheets by opening well-being businesses, like organic eateries and natural beauty brands. Know any? Tell us know in the Comments section!

Patton says his former colleagues think he’s chosen the good life. “They wish they were doing something they loved, too.”