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Photo: Gabrielle Bernstein

Calling all Angelenos: If Gabrielle Bernstein is your spirit animal (or your fave Spirit Junkie) you’re in luck—if you act fast.

The bestselling author, motivational speaker, and all-around inspirational New York City-based goddess is Cali-bound for Wanderlust Hollywood, where she’ll lead Kundalini workshops on February 17 and February 20. (The first show is sold out but it will be available via Livestream for $19.)

“I love teaching on the West Coast because the audiences are really open to spirituality and metaphysical principles,” Bernstein told us. “I’ve been teaching in Los Angeles for the past decade and it’s been awesome to see the Spirit Junkie community expand in such a major way.”

Bernstein’s “Become a Magnet for Miracles” session will include an introductory talk, followed by a powerhouse yoga class that’s all about feeling energized, inspired, and connected. She’ll wrap up with a guided Kundalini meditation that’s intended to clear your mind, release your body of unwanted tension, and amplify your intuition.

“Practicing Kundalini yoga and meditation clears your energy field and helps you release limiting beliefs and mental blocks,” Bernstein told us. “When you raise your energy and your thoughts, you become a magnet for more positivity and flow in every area of your life. This practice will bust through the blocks and clear space for you to attract what you desire most.”

Catch her while you can, Californians. After that, the miracles are up to you. —Alison Feller

To see Bernstein in action, check out this Kundalini meditation video to help you prevent freakouts, mid-meltdown. (It’s so good, you may want to go ahead and just bookmark it.)