Gaiam Friday: Kathryn Budig’s Aim True

Superstar-yogi Kathryn Budig shares sage advice for quieting a harsh inner voice—and a free online yoga class, normally only available to Gaiam TV subscribers.
Well+Good readers can experience Aim True, a video on Gaiam TV, until Sunday night


Welcome to our inaugural Gaiam Friday, when one of Gaiam TV’s superstars will help you address what we like to call “urban wellness challenges.” In addition to receiving their sage advice, you’ll also get access to a free online yoga class (through Sunday night), normally only available to Gaiam TV subscribers. This week, the amazing Kathryn Budig helps us conquer an all-too-common conundrum…

Problem: Your inner monologue is harshing on everything you do, and it’s stuck on loop. You need a kindness intervention.

Solution: Get Kathryn Budig in your head. Take Aim True, an uplifting class that will restore your confidence and can-do spirit.

We recently caught up with Kathryn (via Bali!), who shared three tips on folding the Aim True philosophy into your life, plus she takes Well+Good behind-the-scenes of her Gaiam TV shoot. Click here to watch the full-length class.


yoga DVD Kathryn Budig
Aim True was shot in a glam house in Silverlake

1. Hunt for what you want
With this video, I wanted to tackle my Aim True philosophy in two ways. First, by weaving the beautiful imagery of the strong archer hunting for what she wants into the actual postures. (I loved creating the archer sequence—it felt strong, fluid and beautiful.)

And second by creating a sequence that would leave the yogi feeling empowered and ready to set and live their intention. Life is full of challenges that take perseverance with an amazing payoff for staying true to your intention.

2. Get out of your way
We can either be our own worst enemy or our number one cheerleader. The yoga practice creates an environment in our body and mind where we can truly slow down and listen, and let’s face it, sometimes it’s not pretty. The thing to remember: we are where we are for a very specific reason, whether in love or angst.

3. Acknowledge (don’t fight) your obstacles
Often obstacles are the perfect medicine to keep you on track to aim true. So, if you’re having a practice where everything is distracting, you’re angry, you realize you desperately need a pedicure—whatever—it’s all good. Take a deep breath and be honest with where you’re at. Sometimes when you can simply acknowledge it, you end up laughing at how worked up you’ve gotten yourself, and that, my friends, is the BEST medicine.


The Location: We found this amazing house in Silverlake, California, for shooting. My director wanted to keep it simple, bright and soft. They cleared out the space with the exception of some awesome modern furniture and a white curtain to create a soft glow.

Kathryn and Ashi chill between takes

Down dog: I had my pup, Ashi, with me on set to keep me smiling. She had her little travel bed on the stairs so she could look down from the loft and watch me film. She’s my assistant.

How many takes was that? I love my DVD so much but, wow, it takes a lot of energy to do a sequence 10 times with all the different angles and shots! We tried to shoot a little extra footage at the end of the second day of inspiring advanced asana. After about a minute of trying I had to call it quits—my body was shot! It was a nice ego moment for me. I wanted to nail the poses and create something beautiful, but my body had enough.

Congratulations to Well+Good reader April F., winner of two cork yoga blocks! You could win next Friday’s prize, or the grand prize, by clicking here to enter!

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