Gaiam TV Friday: Seane Corn’s Detox Flow

Practice with Seane Corn, yoga superstar and detox expert. Detox Flow, this free on-line class, is normally available only to Gaiam TV subscribers.


Happy Gaiam TV Friday! Every Friday, with the help of Gaiam TV’s roster of wellness superstars, we tackle an urban wellness challenge.

Problem: You meant to go to Vinyasa Hour but you went to happy hour with your work friends. For the past two weeks.

Solution: Seane Corn’s Detox Flow helps boost digestion, twist out the toxins, and hit the reset button for Spring.

Well+Good caught up with yoga superstar, and detox expert, Seane Corn for some Spring cleaning advice.  For the next three days you can practice with Corn’s Detox Flow class for free, normally available only to Gaiam TV subscribers.

Click here to practice Detox Flow yoga  now!

And if you haven’t heard about Gaiam TV, it’s kind of like a yoga, fitness, spirituality, and wellness-oriented Netflix and they offer 10-day free trials.

Seane Corn combines asana with detox advice during this dynamic 40-minute class

W+G: What were your objectives when you created this class?
Seane Corn: I knew there had to be twisting poses, forward bends and inversions to help stimulate the vital organs including the liver, kidneys, and digestive tract. These poses improve the body’s natural detoxification process and, coupled with deep breathing, helps to improve respiration, circulation and therefore toxic release.

W+G: In addition to yoga, can you suggest one or two easy detox tips for busy New York women?
SC: A) Drink plenty of water.
B) Avoid processed foods, sugar and caffeine.
C) Because of urban pollutants like motor vehicle emissions and cigarette smoke, doing deep breathing exercises (as well as other forms of exercise, besides yoga) daily will help keep the body purified.

W+G: The location looks absolutely idyllic. Was the filming experience half as perfect as it appears?
SC: It was a beautiful day that I got to spend with my friends. The sun was out and the food was delicious and organic, and I got to work with all the people I loved, from the director, to the producers, assistants, camera people, the chef, the spotters, the crew. It was an amazing day to be able to collaborate with them all. It was fun and playful and although hard work we all felt very satisfied that we captured the heart and intention of Detox Flow®.

Congratulations to Well+Good reader Cynthia, winner of Gaiam SOL yoga mat! You could win next Friday’s prize, or the grand prize, by clicking here to enter!

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