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Gaiam TV Friday: The Firm’s Total Body Time Crunch

The Firm, the Southern fitness phenomenon, shares tips for getting in bikini-bod shape fast—and a free online class, normally only available to Gaiam TV subscribers.


On Gaiam TV Fridays, we turn to its roster of superstars to help us solve what we like to call, um, “urban wellness challenges.” And if you haven’t heard about this streaming video subscription service, it’s kind of like a fitness- and wellness-oriented Netflix and they offer 10-day free trials.

Last week yogi Kathryn Budig helped us quiet our harsh inner monologue. (It worked!) This week The Firm whips us into bikini-bod shape in advance of spring vacation. The fitness phenomenon started in South Carolina in 1979 and remains wildly popular today thanks to its team of non-nonsense Steel Magnolia instructors.

Problem: Your two-piece bathing suit and a certain up-coming warm-weather trip.

Solution: The Firm’s Total Body Time Crunch with cardio and strength training to get you in fierce shape fast.

We take you behind the scenes with fitness instructor Rebekah Sturkie, who starred in the video, and you’ll also get access to Total Body Time Crunch (through Sunday night), normally only available to Gaiam TV subscribers. Click here to play the video now!

W+G: What were the go-to moves you knew you had to include?
Rebekah Sturkie: Simple and familiar ones from the beginning of time—squats, lunges, biceps curls, bent row. When done with some uncomplicated cardio routines, they can work the body in ways you didn’t think possible.

Behind-the-scenes with the ladies of The Firm

W+G: How do you get ready for vacation?
RS: These are some good, simple tips that I’ve adopted:

1)   Combine resistance and cardiovascular training. Pairing the two will get you results much quicker than focusing on just one or the other.

2)   Cut out artificial sweeteners along with processed food, and stick with lean proteins, good carbs, and greens.

3)   Drink plenty of water. I like to add a slice or two of lemon—it’s refreshing and acts as a natural diuretic.

W+G: Can you give us a few behind-the-scenes anecdotes from this shoot?
RS: Total Body Time Crunch is my baby—it was my very first lead and, boy, was I nervous. Although I’m pleased with how it turned out, I would make one minor change if I could… I would add an inch or two to the length of my pants! I didn’t notice they were so short before the shoot. It wasn’t until I actually saw a clip of myself that I thought, “Oh no, my pants are high-waters!”

Congratulations to Well+Good reader Amanda O., winner of a Metro gym bag! You could win next Friday’s prize, or the grand prize, by clicking here to enter!