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Photo: Nervous System

Hygge season is finally in full swing, folks! Now that you’re replacing all your alfresco activities with ones you can accomplish indoors (and ideally near a fireplace), you may be on the lookout for new hobbies to share with your women’s circle. Whether your pals are more of the Jennifer Lawrence or Miranda Kerr persuasion when it comes to crystals (AKA obsessed) or if they’re more skeptical of all things woo-woo, something everyone can get behind are these beautiful geode puzzles from Nervous System.

Each puzzle ($60) is one of a kind and generated by a computer algorithm to mimic the formation of agates (which is how you get some of your favorite healing crystals). And since Netflix is giving you several reasons to limit your binge-watching sessions (one word: inflammation), why not revert to reliving your childhood sleepovers with a landline phonecoloring books, and puzzle-solving activities? After all, if board games can make you a better person, crystal-powered indoor fun seems like a super-healthy use of hygge time.

See the captivating geode puzzles below.

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Embrace all the hygge by doing one of these puzzles clad in a soft bralette and plush loungewear.