Is your lunch routine getting stale? Let us help!

How to keep your lunch routine from getting stale? We've teamed up with Clean Plates for a series of deals at NYC's healthiest restaurants.


For the next few weeks, lunch is on us. Well, sort of.

We’ve teamed up with Clean Plates to bring you a series of deals and free perks from some of the city’s healthiest restaurants. If you haven’t seen Clean Plates‘ book in Whole Foods, think Michelin guide for people who care about their waistlines.

Sign up here, and you’ll receive a weekly deal via e-mail throughout the fall.

The first perk is 30% off your entire bill at GustOrganics for the next month. In the coming weeks, you can expect deals from Well+Good favorites such as Organic Avenue and Dig Inn.

Hey, we should do lunch!

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