Get a Living Nature Body Wash worth $25 when you spend $60 at Saffron Rouge

Saffron Rouge's hot summer deal! Get a FREE Living Nature body wash worth $25 when you purchase $60 of Saffron Rouge's organic beauty products.
Living Nature Body Wash free with purchase at Saffron Rouge
Photo: Douglas Friedman

This time of year, we’re pretty much going through body wash like bottles of coconut water. After all our boot camps, sweaty subway rides home, and weekends at the beach, it’s a beauty staple we tote to every shower.

We’re newly obsessed with this Lavender Refreshing Body Wash from Living Nature. It’s super cleansing (bye-bye chlorine and dried sweat), and refreshing with a citrus, honey, and tea tree scent.

And our friends at Saffron Rouge will give you a full-size bottle worth $25 for FREE when you purchase $60 worth of summer beautifiers from the online natural beauty store. (You’ll also qualify for 5 samples of your choice.)

Living Nature Body Wash free gift with purchase
Your gift-with-purchase when you spend $60 at

Living Nature, if you don’t know, is the Dr. Hauschka of New Zealand. The ingredients are harvested from certified organic farms, and contain a signature splash of manuka honey, considered cure-all therapy on that side of the world. They may be right.

We know you’ll fall in love with it, and this is the perfect way to find out. Please use the code AugustWellGood upon check out.

Want to know what’s in our August shopping cart?

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