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Get long and lean with 3 classes for $33 from ChaiseFitness!


Screen shot 2014-02-05 at 2.55.23 PMSponsored

ChaiseFitness is the super-popular New York City workout that uses a modern version of the Pilates Wunda Chair, among other exercise props, to lengthen and sculpt your entire body! Each chair-centered workout incorporates cardio, a mix of Pilates and ballet-inspired moves, and overhead resistance bungees to get you a lean, toned dancer’s body.

In addition to their Flatiron District studio they now have a new Upper East Side location that’s independently operated within the 92nd Street Y.

Whether you’re looking to focus on more traditional Pilates toning, are in need of some extra cardio, or want to work out like a prima ballerina, Chaise has you covered with their diverse mix of seriously body-toning classes. Take a tour of their creative classes and find your favorite…

New clients get 3 classes for $33! Sign up now for this awesome deal!


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Screen shot 2014-02-05 at 2.55.35 PMReinvention Chair
Sitting in a chair has never been this difficult! Reinvention Chair uses the souped-up Pilates chair that will lengthen and sculpt your entire body. You’ll go further into traditional Pilates exercises like pike and teaser, because you’re forced to stabilize and can’t collapse, like you would on the floor! Overhead bungees will add extra resistance to help continually engage your core for all-over toning.

New clients get 3 classes for $33! Sign up now for this awesome deal!


Cardio ChairCardio Chair
For those days when you need your cardio fix but also want the body sculpting benefits of the Reinvention Chair, take this up-tempo class! You’ll combine high-intensity cardio bursts with body-defining exercises on the Chair. It’s the perfect combo of dance cardio and Pilates-inspired exercise!

New clients get 3 classes for $33! Sign up now for this awesome deal!


Reinvention ChairExpress Classes
Don’t have hours to spend working out? (Who does?) Chaise offers express, 40-minute versions of all their classes. Perfect for those who are constantly on the go but still want to fit in a high-energy workout.

New clients get 3 classes for $33! Sign up now for this awesome deal!


Long and LeanLong and Lean
Take your chair work to a new level by challenging your muscles with a fusion of ballet and Pilates exercises that lengthen and sculpt. Long and Lean’s signature moves include attitudé lifts (that’s a real ballet term, we swear), passé balances, and core-whittling exercises like pikes and teasers, all building stronger, leaner muscles.

New clients get 3 classes for $33! Sign up now for this awesome deal!


Ballet BungeeBallet Bungee
Get the lean and toned muscles of a dancer with this ballet-inspired class. Taught by former New York City ballerina Rachel Piskin, Ballet Bungee challenges your core and gets your heart rate pumping with pliés, tendus, and attitudés, while the bungees will give your arms some serious sculpting.

New clients get 3 classes for $33! Sign up now for this awesome deal!


BootcampChaise Bootcamp
You’ve never done a boot camp like this. Blending the best moves from Cardio Chair, Reinvention Chair, and Long and Lean, Chaise Bootcamp uses high-intensity cardio bursts to get your heart rate pumping, so you build endurance while getting a long-and-lean bod with Chaise’s signature Pilates-inspired moves.

New clients get three classes for $33! Sign up now for this awesome deal!