Get ready for obstacle racing at these New York fitness studios

New York fitness studios are hosting kick-ass training programs to help your prep for the big-time hurdles of obstacle runs.


Adventure-training is totally (still) having a moment. While the 5K may reign supreme as a popular option for athletes of all levels, obstacle runs like Tough Mudder, Mudderella and Dirty Girl are quickly winning over every kind of contender.

Many New York fitness studios are following the trend with training programs that give its clients a way to prep without having to do a mix of workouts at several other places and studios.

Antonio Sini, of Nimble Fitness, says his studio created their six-week boot camp after clients wanted to compete alongside their trainers. “We needed to prepare them, so we created workouts that targeted the muscles and actions one would use during these obstacle courses,” he said. (May we recommend you book a few massages in advance now?)

Nimble isn’t the only studio helping their clients get ready to run through three feet of mud, climb the ladder of hell, or do a ballsy ballerina. Here are three ways to get obstacle-race ready:

1. Obstacle Course Training Camp by As One
April 26–27, $300

Spend two days learning to kick ass in Fishkill, NY, includes drills in the forest, race simulations, obstacle preps, and a Q&A session.

2. Adventure Run Bootcamp by Nimble Fitness
Saturdays from April 5–May 10, noon–1:00 p.m., $180

After a full nutrition assessment, you’ll start a 2-phase conditioning program that includes conditioning and strength training, followed by a mini-obstacle course.

3. Mud Race Training by Exceed
Mondays at 8:00 p.m., Wednesdays at 6:30 a.m., $32

Dubbed the “fitness playground of New York City,” this indoor training program will cover virtually every aspect needed to properly use energy and master obstacles—safely.

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