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Get this chic glass water bottle free when you spend $100 at Saffron Rouge


chic water bottle at saffron rouge
Get this chic water bottle with your purchase now!

Saffron Rouge, every yogi’s favorite beauty boutique, is giving away its brand-new Takeya Modern Glass Water Bottle with every purchase of $100 or more!

These irresistibly chic bottles—laser etched with Saffron Rouge’s logo—are free of BPA, lead, and phthalates, retail for $19.99 but will cost you nothing when you stock up on your favorite sunscreens, your most luscious lipsticks, and your ambrosial aromatherapy.

So put down that plastic water bottle (or better yet – recycle it!) and pick up your computer. It’s easy as 1-2-3!

1.         Order $100 or more of your favorite natural beauty products on Enter one of three codes, based on your color preference, at checkout: WellGoodPink, WellGoodGreen, or WellGoodBlack.

2.         Wait for your package—with free delivery and free samples inside!

3.         Receive a free glass water bottle with your purchase!

Warning: Well+Good is not responsible for any bottle-coveting looks you may receive when you rehydrate between poses.

 Offer expires Sunday, June 24. Start shopping NOW!