Gift Finder: 3 perfect gifts for the runner in your life

Everyone has a girlfriend or a brother-in-law who spends pre-office hours and weekends pounding the pavement in Prospect Park. Here are three must-have gifts for every runner:

Lululmeon Dash TankLululemon Dash Tank

This Luon shell has practical features, like a handy iPod pocket, and pretty ones, e.g., the ruffled detail down the back.





UrbanearsUrbanears Bagis Headphones

These rubber workout headphones come in a rainbow of funky colors, and they snap together around your neck when not in use.




PolarWatchPolar FT40 Watch

This athletic watch with a sleek design delivers just the right amount of information. Heart rate and calories burned—yes. Crazy, confusing splits—no.


Download the Healthy Holiday Gift Guide for these healthy gifts and more.

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