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Everyone loves to smell good, but fragrance is a sneaky ingredient you may not want seeping into your pores. Forget the perfume counter at Macy’s and give a better, natural, and more subtle scent. It’s the perfect gift for that friend who changes her scent as often as her shoes.

A Perfume Organic

A Perfume Organic

These USDA-certified organic perfumes are made from flowers, plants, and herbs—not chemicals—in small batches. Which means your special signature scent won’t be worn by millions.



Intelligent nutrientsIntelligent Nutrients Destress Express Certified Organic Spirit Essence

This tension-taming tonic doubles as a unisexy anti-bacterial spray. It’s perfect in place of perfume—or those toxic body-deodorants



GiveGive All-Natural Perfume Oil

Yoga superstar Elena Brower created this pure sultry-spicy scent blend (think vanilla, citrus, and a hint of leather). A portion of its proceeds also goes to Women for Women, an international aid organization


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