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Giuliana RancicE! News and Fashion Police host Giuliana Rancic is known for her passion for healthy living, especially since she founded fitness-centric newsletter FabFitFun and overcame a battle with breast cancer.

Since then, she’s supported lots of causes that help women reduce their risk for breast cancer and live vibrant lives. Last week, Rancic helped announce the launch of CureDiva, an online shopping portal that helps patients and survivors find products that fit their specific needs during each phase of their experience.

We caught up with the red-carpet regular and fitness enthusiast at the launch to ask her about her healthy living tips and tricks, and Rancic surprised us with her answers—explaining that there are some things she believes are more important for her health than hitting the gym. Here’s what she had to say:

Were you always passionate about healthy living or did your breast cancer diagnosis ignite a new passion in you? I’ve always lived a healthy lifestyle, but once I was diagnosed with breast cancer I became more lenient with my diet and exercise. Rather than being so caught up with eating healthy and working out, I splurge much more than I used to. I still live a healthy lifestyle. Instead of going to the gym five times a week, I go maybe one or two. I still take care of myself, but I realize now life is short and life is precious. I can’t think about the gym every day. I have to be with my husband or my baby because nothing is scarier than thinking you’re going to lose them. Life is better now.

Interesting! Are there are other wellness practices you swear by for staying healthy? Besides fitness, having a positive attitude and eating well can help you stay healthy. After undergoing breast cancer treatments, there is always that slight fear that it might come back. For the first couple of times I went in for blood work, I was convinced I was going to get bad news. The only thing that takes that away is time. When you finally get over that fear, you live a full healthy life. Life works in crazy ways and what’s meant to happen will happen.

Overcoming fears is definitely something we can all work on. What’s your number one tip for busy young women trying to live a healthy life, whether in relation to breast cancer risk or just in general? It’s important to take care of yourself and surround yourself with positive people who love and support you. Having a positive attitude and outlook, regardless of where you’ve been or where you are now can make your life richer. —Lisa Elaine Held