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Goldman Sachs’ corporate gym less jaw-dropping than expected, reports Social Workout

The spin studio at the Goldman Sachs headquarters (via Social Workout)

Social Workout deserves a Pulitzer for this one. They infiltrated the corporate gym at the new Goldman Sachs headquarters by finding their own Deep Throat. Let’s call him Deep Squat, given our shared wellness beat.

Deep Squat tells us that the gym is massive (54,000-square-feet) and there’s a huge private Spin studio. (No fair that the people with the most money get to save on overpriced boutique spin classes!)

But space and facilities aside, the place is remarkably “Ho hum…. What you’ll find in the Goldman Sachs gym is dimmish lighting, bland carpets, and endless rows of cardio machinery, either deserted, or operated by Goldman Sachs analysts clad in blue, company-issued Russell Athletic t-shirts and gray shorts (50% poly!),” reports Deep Squat.