Good Deal: Exercise and life coaching–a potent combination

A powerful approach to life coaching

Life coaching, in the hands of a pro like Laurie Gerber of the Handel Group, is thought-provoking, inspiring, and ultimately transformational. When paired with exercise, life coaching can dig even deeper as we learned this last Sunday when we attended Design Your Life from the Inside Out. The afternoon started with Elena Brower leading a 60-minute yoga class aimed at creating space in your body. By the time Laurie Gerber launched the life-coaching portion, all 70 of us were feeling in touch with a more honest, authentic part of ourselves than the guarded, harried urban warriors who’d come in off the streets.

Based on our amazing experience with the Brower-Gerber double header, we thought you’d want to know about a deal that just launched on Gilt City. The Dream Body Urban Retreat features IntenSati creator Patricia Moreno and Laurie Gerber, who’s an engaging and hilarious presenter. Here’s what’s on the agenda. You can book yourself at spot at this day-long retreat on October 17th for $250 on Gilt City, that’s $100 off the regular price of $350.

• Expose misconceptions about food, health and dieting that have been informing your actions and choices.

• Explore some of the past issues that have an effect on your ability to attain and/or maintain your ideal body

• Learn how to drop excess weight and keep it off from a whole new paradigm

•  Come up with a new plan and the strength and incentive to stick to it

• Experience an invigorating, high-energy, cardio workout practice that combines your body, mind and spirit.

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