Good news: Study says almonds have less calories than we thought

A new study says these nutrient-dense nuts have yet another virtue—which means you can eat even more.

By Briana Rognlin for

Almonds are a perennial favorite on healthy snack lists, but when you’re watching portion size carefully, a single serving can be depressingly small. And although we could munch the damn things all day long, most of us fear that we’re doing ourselves harm with the calorie- and fat-dense food.

But a new study says we can be at least a little less concerned; apparently, almonds have less calories than we thought.

The study authors set out to determine whether the traditional measure of calories–called “Atwater factors”–might be inaccurate for certain food groups. To do so, they measured the “metabolizable energy content” of almonds by analyzing fecal matter, urine, and blood samples of study subjects who ate consistent, specifically set amounts of almonds.

Their findings show that 30 almonds contain 165 calories, where Atwater factors said that only 23 almonds contain 165 calories.

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