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Welcome to Good Travel, where the wellness world’s road warriors share their secret healthy travel hacks—and exactly how (and where!) they figured them out. Today Lianna Sugarman, founder and CEO of LuliTonix, a raw beverage company with a line of blended green juices and elixirs, shares her on-the-road rituals.

Of all the (many) wellness travel hacks, the one non-negotiable is my “magic airplane pack”—I don’t travel without it.

So I’m pretty healthy, energetic, and generally feel really good. EXCEPT. Air travel wrecks me, physically and emotionally. We’re not just talking a flight to Cambodia. A quick jet to Miami makes me feel like (cranky) crap.

A few years ago during a stressful time, I was packing for a restorative solo escape to Tulum. Although I am one of those “I never get sick”-ers, I started feeling some scary telltale signs that illness was knocking on my door.

I always pack tiny Ziplock bags of chia seeds to mix into water on the plane for hydration and nourishment.

I have a serious fixation on tonics and remedies, so I made myself separate little 2-ounce travel shots:

• Fulvic acid with trace minerals (for me, this is just a cure-all)—for energy, immunity, and detoxification.

• Chlorophyll, which can help protect against flight radiation. Bonus: It’s amazing if you’re going to high altitudes.

• Apple cider vinegar, which can help with immunity.

• Tincture mix: reishi, lions mane, and maitake mushrooms with a splash of kava kava to amp up the calm factor.

Tiny Ziplock bags of pre-measured doses of chia seeds to mix into water on the plane for hydration and nourishment. (Bonus tip: Eat as little as possible on airplanes! It’s very difficult to digest.)

When I touched down in Tulum—after shooting down my “magic airplane pack” during the flight—I realized I was feeling…pretty good. Great, actually. No post-flight crankiness or exhaustion at all. On the way home, I repeated the experiment and again felt weirdly great, emotionally and physically.

So now it’s my flight-packing ritual. Its actually pretty fun—I love tinctures and tonics. They make me feel like I’m weaving protective magic spells. Will people look at you funny when you whip out your crazy little bottles? Sometimes. All part of the fun!

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