How to stay grounded when you’re up in the air (literally)

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Welcome to the debut of Good Travel, where the wellness world’s road warriors share their secret healthy travel hacks—and exactly how (and where!) they figured them out. Starting things off are Lodro Rinzler and Ellie Burrows, the founders of MNDFL, New York City’s premier drop-in meditation studio.

Lodro Rinzler

I know it’s hard to keep up a consistent meditation practice when traveling. During my first book tour for The Buddha Walks into a Bar I was sleeping on friends’ couches, staying in hotels…there was very little that remained consistent in my daily schedule, and it was hard to fit in my daily meditation.

Now, whenever I travel I bring with me a statue of Manjushri, the embodiment of wisdom in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. It was a gift from one of my best friends; he brought it back from India.

When I’m on the road, I set it up on a dresser or small table and that creates the environment where I will meditate during that time. It’s like creating a mobile meditation hall.

Seeing it as I bustle about while traveling reminds me to keep consistent with my meditation practice, and it magnetizes me to take my seat.

Ellie Burrows

They say the older you are, the wiser you are…well, I think the same applies to travel.

The more you do it, the more you learn about what your body needs on the road. Dramatically changing time zones and cuisine can often cause the body to wig out.

I’ve picked up some great hacks along the way that are still a part of my travel routine: Meditating every five hours on a long flight (learned this from Emily Fletcher), dropping oil of oregano (an intense natural antibiotic) in the back of my mouth once a day, exercising the first morning I wake up in a new place, keeping myself up (no naps!) until it’s bedtime in the country I am traveling to and lastly, fasting on the plane and then eating my first meal at a normal meal time in my destination city ( that one is courtesy of Dr. Molly Maloof).

That being said, my number-one absolute favorite hack are probiotics. In 2010 I went to India for a month and didn’t get sick once. While I was there, I had myself on a very aggressive dose of probiotics and natural immunity supplements, thanks to Dr. Frank Lipman.

Since the majority of the immune systems lives in the gut, it’s super important to keep your belly very healthy while traveling. It’s my major travel game changer.

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