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Welcome to Good Travel, where the wellness world’s road warriors share their secret healthy travel hacks—and exactly how (and where!) they figured them out. Today we have Sadie Lincoln, founder of boutique fitness chain barre3.

I’m traveling a ton these days, and that means countless hours on airplanes. My least favorite aspects of flying are that it’s stressful, it’s cold, and it’s smelly—so I developed a travel hack that conquers all three. I pack tea, a scarf with lavender essential oils, and a guided-meditation podcast in my carry-on.

Have you ever noticed that water on the plane doesn’t taste right, and the coffee and tea always fail to satisfy? Since most airlines have hot water for tea, I bring an insulated mug and a few of my favorite herbal tea bags. When I’m flying, I like to drink calming teas, like Steven Smith’s Meadow Herbal Infusion, which is a mix of chamomile, lemon myrtle, rose petals, and linden flowers. I fill up my mug at least twice during the flight and sit back and enjoy staying hydrated with an herbal infusion of steamy tea.

Have you ever noticed that water on the plane doesn’t taste right, and the coffee and tea always fail to satisfy?

For the scarf, I go for an oversized one—something soft and cozy that can double as a blanket if need be. Before I get on the plane, I spritz it liberally with lavender essential oil (my favorite is Lavender Mist, made by Los Poblanos). I wrap the scarf around my neck so it’s near my face, keeping me warm and letting me inhale the calming lavender scent instead of the stale airplane air.

Then I queue up my meditation podcast (lately I’ve been loving a guided travel meditation by Emily Fletcher from ZivaMind), plug in my earphones, and focus on breathing big. I might look like a weird zen mummy, but I arrive at my destination clear-headed and energized!

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