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Chickpeas and quinoa
Melisse made chickpeas and quinoa with feta, parsley, and lemon

A few weeks ago we learned about Slow Food’s challenge to make (and host) a healthy dinner for just $5 on Saturday, September 17. Well, the time is nearly here!

Today, we spied Food 52‘s compilation of Cheap Never Looked So Classy $5 recipes—including a got-to-make-it Kale and Quinoa Pilaf!

And we’ve been experimenting with our own. (Check out Melisse’s dish with chickpeas and veggies over quinoa.)

But we’re wondering, how would you maximize a meal on $5? (You can exclude pantry staples like olive oil from the bill.)

Got a delish antidote to the $5 fast-food value meal? Share your recipes here, and inspire readers to make a healthy masterpiece on a $5 budget this coming weekend. —Melisse Gelula