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running in the parkI like to know who’s teaching when I go to yoga and the credentials of my massage therapist when I book at a spa. (No, they’re not “all good.”) So it’s fitting that I’d also want to know who’s leading the group run offered by an increasing number of fitness stores like Lululemon and gyms around the city before signing up. Yes, even if they’re free.

I guess that’s why this morning’s email from Real FN caught my eye: I’ve never given Slope Sports a second look, even though it’s right around the corner from Park Slope Yoga, where I (occasionally) take classes. But because they’ve got a former NCAA cross-country coach and an Iron Woman leading the group runs, it definitely makes me want to show up. Providing us with bit of biographical details of your staff (and tooting their horn) goes a long way. Just like I plan to do on my first run with them.

To check out the days and times of the free group runs and staff bios, visit