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There’s a new, simple way to take finding love into your own hands (beyond memorizing your weekly horoscope): It turns out singles are really into dating foodies—especially ones who are avocado aficionados.

After analyzing more than 3.7 million dating profiles—as well as a whopping 364.6 million first messages between potential couples—Zoosk, an online dating site, discovered several foods helped people secure more dates. Spoiler alert: Guacamole connoisseurs are in luck in the love department.

Those who cite “guacamole” in their profile receive 144 percent more messages than those who don’t.

According to the results, those who cite “guacamole” in their profile receive 144 percent more messages than those who don’t. While no other food compared to the power of guac, several snacks did win love-seekers some extra attention: According to the data, mentioning “potatoes” yields daters 101 percent more messages, and anyone who sweetens things up with “chocolate” is treated to an average of 100 percent more messages.

So, if you’re still brainstorming how to artfully represent yourself in your online profile, these three foods might be the way to go. And, really, what beats finding the love of your life over a bowl of guac and some veggie chips?

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