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Photo: Instagram/@hannahbronfman

Being fit usually involves some sort of exercise routine, and without a conscious effort, it can get a little boring. How does wellness star Hannah Bronfman break through the monotony? By mixing up her workouts.

In a cover story for Footwear News, fitness expert and trainer Kira Stokes revealed the secret to what makes Bronfman such a compelling and #goals-worthy fitness figure. “She dabbles in everything, she’s willing to try anything, and she’s about promoting body confidence and a mind-body connection to workouts,” Stokes said.

“I work out five times a week, but I try to do something active every day, whether that’s swimming, going for a walk, hiking.”

Bronfman isn’t a devotee of a particular studio or type of workout. Instead, Stokes explained, “With Hannah, it’s about looking and feeling good.”

What the DJ and HBFit founder does stay committed to is keeping fit. “I work out five times a week,” she said, “but I try to do something active every day, whether that’s swimming, going for a walk, hiking.”

As someone with such a passion for variety, (especially when it comes to shoes, as she discusses in a video for Footwear News), Bronfman even takes on fitness challenges that she’s not that psyched about. “I really do everything, even things I don’t love,” she said.

The workouts she does love are ones that promote a mind-body connection like boxing and Pilates. She particularly enjoys boxing, since it requires a level of dedication and grounding. You have to pay attention, “otherwise, you might get hit in the face” she said. That’s one way to stay on your toes!

Hannah Bronfman is a wealth of knowledge. Check out her relationship advice and her super-simple activewear styling tip.