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Would you wear harem pants to yoga?

All the groovy ladies (and Mary-Kate Olsen) are wearing harem pants— even if some think the trend is frumpy and shouldn’t have lasted this long. So we shouldn’t have been surprised to discover these harem pants made for yoga by Athleta ($69), the in-shape sister company to the Gap and Old Navy.

They’re just in time for Sex in the City 2: Abu Dhabi, where you can bet the pants will be present and accounted for, along with Hermes head-scarves aplenty!

I’m no Sarah Jessica, but harem pants are more flattering than skeggings. They also seem resistant to both camel toe and sliding down to your hips during yoga inversions, unlike the cuff-less wide-leg cotton capris from a few years back. And quite frankly, they look as comfy as pajamas. Only better with a kitty heel.

Would you wear these harem pants around NYC or to yoga class? Or are they better left to the wardrobe wonderwheel that is Carrie Bradshaw’s cinematic closet?