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It’s all too easy to fall into a workout rut: You get super motivated and start working out every day, but you’re left going back to your old ways a week or so later. Sound familiar?

Here’s the deal: According to Ariana Grande‘s trainer, Harley Pasternak, (who’s also worked with Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Rihanna), you have to address what’s going on inside before you work on the outside to really reach your health goals. When talking with Self, he revealed the three easy steps to kick-starting a healthy lifestyle: regular movement, eating properly, and better sleep.

“When you hit those out of the park consistently, then and only then should you consider the resistance [training] part.”

“When you hit those out of the park consistently, then and only then should you consider the resistance [training] part,” Pasternak said.

The method has already worked wonders for Grande: Since adding regular movement into her already-nutritious vegan diet and regular sleep schedule, the star’s seen a huge difference. “For the longest time I was like, ‘How is this so effective?’ But I feel better when I’m moving around a lot,” she told Self. “I could do a really hard workout and then sit around all day, and not feel as good if I’m constantly moving.”

See? There’s nothing wrong with starting small. Make an effort to move your body more during the day (even if that’s just going on a walk during your lunch break), eat a healthy, balanced diet, and focus on catching some zzz’s, and you’ll be ready to take on your training program like a champ. After all, marathon-ready bodies aren’t built in a day.

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