Healthier fast food? Dogmatic opens in the West Village

With grass-fed meat, baked fries, and handmade sodas, a tiny new fast food shop is hoping to make the grab-and-go world of dogs and burgers a little healthier.
Dogmatic 1
(Photo: Dogmatic)


A tiny new fast food shop, Dogmatic, opened in the West Village this Wednesday, December 11, and it’s hoping to bring a little more health into the grab-and-go world of dogs and burgers.

Dogmatic was open for four-plus years on 17th Street in Union Square until its rent doubled and it closed its doors for good last June. While the company looked for a new space, it also used that time to hone its “natural foods” message and menu.

Dogmatic’s Kebbie Burger with grass-fed beef. (Photo: Dogmatic)

“We really took a really hard look at our branding, and we were able to take the core messaging of our concept and bring it forward,” says company president Marisa Regal, who says people loved the food at the last location but weren’t necessarily clued in to its higher quality ingredient profile.

The new Dogmatic tells you what it doesn’t stand for (hormones, antibiotics, preservatives) and what it does (grass-fed beef) on the wall as soon as you enter.

And while the menu is not USDA-certified organic, Regal says it sources every ingredient carefully, avoiding nitrates in the bacon, for example, and takes healthier prep routes, like with its non-fried (baked) fries. As for the Mac & Cheese ($3.75), well, um “It’s just delicious!” she laughs.

Dogmatic, as  you’ve probably guessed, is especially known for its dogs, which come in lots of varieties—from pasture-raised lamb ($5.95) to asparagus spears ($4.95)—and are wrapped inside a toasted artisan baguette. Sodas are mostly homemade, including flavors like pomegranate.

The brand is opening two locations in Florida in 2014, in Orlando and Winter Park, and is currently on the look out for more spaces around New York and in other markets. “People want to eat healthier,” Regal says. “They want to feel good about what they’re putting in their bodies.”

It may not be the lightest meal you’ll eat, but hey, you can’t eat kale salad every day—and it’s certainly much better for you than BK. —Lisa Elaine Held

120 MacDougal St., at Minetta Ln., West Village,

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