5 reasons you may want to go to healthy adult sleepaway camp

Soul Camp If you’re not familiar with the term “adult sleepaway camp,” but you like tents, campfires, making friends for life, and (vegan) s’mores, you should keep reading. There are lots of companies now hosting fun, cool, grown-up versions of the childhood getaway that’s used for networking, business development, and even wellness.

Alison Leipzig and Michelle Goldblum are the founders of Soul Camp, an “adult sleepaway camp for the soul” happening this fall in Honesdale, Pennsylvania (September 9–13) and Sanger, California (October 28–31). This is the second Soul Camp East and the first-ever Soul Camp West, and both feature activities like yoga, boot camp, and organic farming, plus a line-up of wellness experts like Biet Simkin, Gala Darling, and Cassandra Bodzak.

“There’s been a rise in interest in adult sleepaway camps over the past two to three years,” Goldblum says. “When you put your phone away and go out and explore and meet new people, in a place where people ask how you are instead of what you do, people are really taking to the magic that happens in that type of community.”

Interested? Here are some of the other things that Leipzig and Goldblum say you can gain from attending adult sleepaway camp. And no, there’s no Kool-Aid (but probably a lot of kombucha).

1. You’ll make real connections. “The first day, people might come and want to sleep in their own tent,” Leipzig says. “But by the second day, people are linking arms and skipping down the road together. There are real breakthroughs.” In other words, the connections you make won’t just be to wifi.

2. You’ll be able to be your true self. “With the rise of social media, the way that we engage with our peers is mostly what we see on Facebook and Instagram, and those are only the highlight reels,” Goldblum explains. “People show up at camp as themselves, and you find realness. That’s invaluable.” Hashtag #nofilter.

3. It’s not just for hippies. “A lot of my friends are really not into this stuff, but it’s not all woo-woo,” Leipzig says. “You get to choose your own adventure. If yoga isn’t your thing, there’s 305 Fitness, etc.” No chanting is required.

4. You’ll be forced out of your comfort zone. “You have to do something different if you want to make a change,” Goldblum says. So, maybe you should take that yoga class if it’s “not your thing,” after all.

5. You’ll make life-long friends. “People walk away inspired and transformed, and then with the support of this community they’ve built,” Leipzig explains. “With that, you have all of the resources you need for a fulfilled life.” And hey, you can’t help it if you happen to also pick up some more Instagram followers on the way. —Jamie McKillop

For more information, visit www.soulcamp.com

(Photo: Soul Camp)

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